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Resident Evil: Extinction

Rating: A is for Awesome, Alice and All I needed to be happy was Milla Jovovich fighting zombie dogs again.
Important to know: Gory" would be rather insufficient. "Violent" is also mild.
For the Gamer Chicks: Alice could kick Lara Croft's ass on a bad day with no Umbrella-induced powers and no guns. We also get some new ladies. Locating Important Criteria In Phony Templates

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A second Geek Girls Rule! for the week!


Wherein I poot talcum powder, puppies and rainbows.

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New Geek Girls Rule! is up!

New Geek Girls Rule! is up at Mediagauntlet.com


Sexual assault as character backstory or plot hook: Should you do it, as either player or GM? Is it ever ok? How can you do it sensitively? Why would you want to?

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A Gen Con Info Guide

One of our fellow Gamerchicks has asked us to put together a "How to go to Gen Con". While I would like to start this thread I think it would be a lot more fun if everyone who has been to Gen Con (this means the GUYS too!) to add a reply with your own thoughts and anything you think needs to be in this Gen Con Info Guide. giddy weeating.com

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Gencon for newbies

Ok Gencon is 330 days away as I write this so I'm hoping someone can come up with a guide for first timers before next year. Kind of a Gencon for dummies. We went this past Aug and had fun but we only made it to the exibit halls. We had no idea before we got there how to join/sign up for the gaming going on in other areas. Next year we'd like to get in on the real action.

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Raph Koster is one of the forefathers of MMO games. He did a lot of his early work on Ultima Online which was really the first MMORPG. His company, Areae, has been working on a secret project for over a year, and they finally unveiled it today - Metaplace.

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We are participating in the Million Minute Challenge!

So I told you guys how Gamerchicksrule.com has decided to participate in Patch Games, Million Minute Family Challenge right? Well when you register to participate they send you a kit to help you get started and they also sent us a free game to try out.

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