whats everyones Halloween plans??

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I was just curious to see what everyone has planned for Halloween
i myself plan on running a Stalking The Night Fantastic game.
with my gaming group

Multiple events

Surely someone I know will be having a party, but for sure I'm doing this: Boo at the Zoo. If you've never been, it's a two-weekend event at the Brookfield Zoo in Illinois. It's so much fun, you dress up and go to the zoo, kids can trick-or-treat at the different animal houses and get candy, there's a costume contest and a costume parade. It's awesome. Last year my friends and I did a Wizard of Oz theme - Dorothy, Glinda, Wicked Witch, Scarecrow, Lion, Flying Monkey (my little godson, our excuse to hit the zoo) we were like rockstars, a family asked if their kids could take pictures with us. This year we're doing Harry Potter, so I'm spiking my hair, spraying it pink, and putting together a Tonks outfit.

Since the actual holiday is a Wednesday, I'll probably dress up like a witch and go to work, then class. I'm taking a class on literature for children for my Master's and our teacher set up the schedule so we cover supernatural/horror books that day. Too fun.

This year I want to try to get to one of the haunted houses in Chicago. I did the park district one on the lakeshore last year and it was fun.

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We don't know yet

PhiPhiBabe wants to be a faery this year, so I'm not sure what we'll do. I imagine we'll do something like last year with the girls trick-or-treating while I man the door with candy. The question is how I should dress. I like my zombie costume, but it really does frighten some of the kids. I'd still like to do a Hell Boy thing, but I haven't been working out like i was when I first thought about doing it.

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Hmm...Maybe I'll do the

Hmm...Maybe I'll do the Selma Blair character then...

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