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Well with the Jewish High Holy days, and art show that I've been working on and my wedding anniversary there has not been too much time for gaming in the past month. I'm really looking forward to playing some AD&D on Thursday.

Have I told you about my character? (lol) Well I'm going to anyway.

Her name is Alaina Stevic and she's the daughter of a Paladin who comes from a long line of Paladin's. Her older Brother Steven is also a Paladin. Rather than go to the convent after her mother died (yes I loved In The Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Peirce), Alaina begged her father to train her to become a Paladin too. Her family moved from Sembia (Forgotten Realms) and due to their ties with the Merchants of Sembia and a war that had happened a while back, settled in Featherdale.

Now she's a Paladin of Lathandar and she's grouped with a Cleric from her Temple, a Bard who is affiliated with the choir, and a smarmy gnome they resuced from some undead.

I've been loving every minute of it.






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