Jade Raymond and male chauvinist pigs.

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Basically, since Ubisoft has featured Jade Raymond heavily in their ramp up to the release of Assassin's Creed, a certain segment of the console gamer population has apparently decided that because Ms. Raymond owns breasts and vagina, it is obviously those attributes that got her where she is, not her skill and intelligence.
Too much sexist crap for me to let it lie, I'll tell you.

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Wow. I did some seaching

Wow. I did some seaching and found the offensive comic that you were talking about.

I can hardly believe it. As a gamerchick this is worse than Imus's whole "nappy" incident on national TV. It makes me so mad. How do we teach Ubisoft a lesson?

How do we teach the bullies to play nice without peeing in the sandbox and ruining everything for everyone.


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